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Along with hunting, the ranch offers the ability for fishing, an open bar, shuffleboard, poker setup, and a pool table. Individuals are offered the use of the shooting range. Guest will experience 5-star accommodations.  Guides will be provided with your stay.   


Trophy Fees

Trophy Whitetail

2022-2023 Season Nov. 5 - Jan. 1

Prices range from $1,250 – $15,000

Whitetail Doe = $500

Stoneridge offers a remarkable opportunity to take mature Texas whitetail deer at affordable pricing. Contact us for specials. Requires Texas hunting license.


Axis Deer

No season - Hunt anytime

Prices range from $1,750 – $4,250

Axis Doe = $750

Axis deer are among the most beautiful deer in the world and a joy to hunt. This proud looking spotted deer is originally from India but can be found throughout Texas. Axis meat is the leanest of any deer and is widely considered the world’s best venison. Males generally average around 200 lbs.

Blackbuck Antelope

No season - Hunt anytime

Prices range from $2,000 – $4,000

Black Doe = $500

These exotic antelope are originally from the Indian Subcontinent. They have horns which do not shed annually like deer, making they a phenomenal trophy year-round. Their striking appearance makes them a fun hunt and remarkable showcase opportunity for your den or office.  

Fallow Deer

No season - Hunt anytime

Prices range from $4,000 – $6,000

Fallow Doe = $750

The original exotic game brought to America. Notably, George Washington raised and hunted Fallow Deer that were originally from the Mediterranean region. Fallow can be found in colors ranging from spotted, chocolate, and white. A fallow buck generally grows to a weight of 200 lbs. and 48 inches shoulder height. Fallow meat is remarkable in taste and highly pursued.

Red Stag

Stag season: Sep - Feb. --- Hind season(Female): all year

Prices range from $7,000 – $25,000

Red Stag Hind (Female) = $2,250

These European legends are among the largest deer in the world and can weigh between 750-1000lbs. They are an impressive trophy for any hunter, but they are also remarkable eating. As a result, Red Deer represents the most common venison served in restaurants around the world.

Texas Wild Hog

No season - Hunt anytime

Prices: $200 per hunter (or $500 for thermal) + $100 per kill

There is nothing more fun than a Texas hog hunt. Wait… maybe a Texas hog hunt at night with a thermal scope. We have options to traditionally hunt out of a stand at either dawn or dusk, or embark on an exciting one-of-a-kind night hunt where we will provide thermal scope technology.

Lodging Fees With Hunt

Hunter per night  = $100 

Non-hunters/guest = $250 per night (Hunters may bring one guest)


A cleaning fee is attached to every booking = $200.


$500 deposit is required upon booking your hunt for < 8 people. 

$1000 deposit is required upon booking your hunt for ≥ 8. 


The lodge can accommodate up to 10 adults and 6 children.


Check-in is 1:00pm or later arrival, 10:00am departure.


Please contact us for your future hunt package. 

** Gratuities are greatly appreciated. Normal gratuities range from 10-20% of the total hunt.**


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